Things to Consider Before Buying the Right Travel Luggage Bag

The whole world is reopening after the Covid-19 lockdown. Airports have been opened and so does the travel options. A compact and handy, yet spacious Carry-on luggage bag is all that you need to carry your essential things for the business or personal travel.

This is why I am writing this article to guide you to choose the best Carry-on luggage to buy online.

So, let’s get started to understand a few points before buying the right luggage for you.

buying the right luggage

Carry-on luggage dimension to consider before buying

It is important to chose the right dimension of the luggage which will fit into the over head storage space, plus, it should be able to carry the maximum allowed storage weight.

As per Air India (an Indian airline) following should be the ideal dimensions of the luggage for Boeing and Airbus aircraft:

  • Height 55 cms (22 inches)
  • Length 35 cms (14 inches)
  • Width 25 cms (10 inches)

In fact most aircraft in the whole world are Airbus and Boeing. So, this guide should fit in most cases across the world.

Check-in luggage size and weight

What features to look for in a Carry-on Baggage?

Different travels may have different need to carry different things. If you are going to find some common parameters to choose, then below is a list of items:

  • Weight of the baggage
  • Storage features
  • Handle and rollers
  • Build quality and materials used
  • Zipper system
  • Smart features
  • After sales service

Weight of the hand luggage bag

weight of the luggage

As per Travel and Leisure, Airlines make billions of dollars from the extra baggage of travelers. I mean, why pay this money when you can be a little bit cautious before taking it to the airport itself, right?

As you can carry a very limited weight on board, you must see how much you are going to carry and what is the weight of the carry-on luggage.

It must fit all your things at the same time the total weight must not exceed the airline’s maximum allowed weight.

This will definitely save you a significant amount of money, by which you can buy another luggage. Maybe!

Storage features of the luggage

luggage storage space

We buy luggage only to carry things for our travel. Before buying one, this should be one of the top priority.

Many products come with customizable storage options. This cannot be generalized for everyone, that is why you must see what are you carrying and what storage options and features the luggage have.

The number and size of compartments, availability of pockets, laptop compatibility option, suit carry option, etc. are a few to consider.

Handle and rollers of a baggage

Handle and roller of luggage

Handle and roller of luggage are equally important as any other feature because you cannot carry that in your hands.

The hnadle must reach your hands when you stand straight regardless of the height of the bag.

Also, there are many adjustable steps to the height of the handle. Luggage with such an adjustable handle helps while pulling the bag.

Build quality and materials of the bag

Usually we carry only important things while travelling, so, build quality must be equally considered before buying a travel luggage bag.

In the luggage world, there are two types of luggage based on the materials used: Soft sided luggage and the Hard sided luggage.

The luggage body often build of polycarbonate (hard sided) or fabric (soft sided). Some offer scratch and water resistant body and some offer flexible body to pack a little more things inside.

The soft-sided luggage is lighter, less shock resistant and vulnerable to ripping in comparison to the heavier, well secured hard-sided luggage.

Most of the luggage bags offer water resistant setup but still, you need to check if it is stain-resistant or has water-repellant coating, etc.

Zipper system of a luggage

Well, this is the only thing that keeps all your things safe insode the luggage bag. If the zippers betrays on the way, your things are gone in a while, that too while you are on travel.

Many luggages have the zipper as the locker. In this case, it becomes extremely important to look what the zipper system has to offer.

A YKK zipper manufacturer is considered as the most secure zipper in a luggage bag and most of the luggage manufacturers use them.

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